No win no fee Japanese Knotweed claim. Here at Japanese Knotweed Claims we deal with almost all of our clients’ claims on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis. This means you will not have to pay us a penny for dealing with your Japanese Knotweed removal claim, all you have to pay are the costs of bringing the claim and the costs of insuring the claim if you wish to do so.

No hidden costs

We understand that many people are concerned that there are hidden costs when they hear the phrase ‘no win, no fee’ and that we would not work on your claim for free.  We can assure you there are no hidden costs when dealing with a claim on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis.  We do not deal with your claim for free,  but we only get paid in the event that we are successful.

If we lose your claim you do not pay a penny

In the unlikely event that we lose your Japanese Knotweed removal claim – we will never ask you to pay us*.

*There are extreme circumstances where we would require you to pay, these are for example if you deliberately mislead us and it is proven that you have asked us to pursue a fraudulent claim, or if you withdraw from the claims process.

Call us for further information

Still have questions about our ‘no win, no fee’ agreements?  Please call us or click on the button below.  Alternatively email us at One of our legally trained operators will talk you through the ‘no win, no fee’ agreement in plain English.  We are sure that at Japanese Knotweed Claims we can put your mind at ease so you can deal with your ‘no win, no fee’ claim with confidence.