Japanese Knotweed Claims is the UK’s first Japanese knotweed claims manager. Launched by a qualified lawyer with nearly 10 years’ experience in the field of litigation, Japanese Knotweed Claims acts for both claimants and defendants. Japanese Knotweed Claims works closely with Charles Lyndon and the following lawyers:

Rodger Burnett

Japanese Knotweed Claims and Charles Lyndon were started by Rodger Burnett, a qualified barrister and solicitor, with nearly 10 years’ experience in the field of litigation.  Prior to setting-up his own firm Rodger spent time with Baker & McKenzie and specialist litigation firm, Hausfeld.

Dorothea Antzoulatos

After studying law at Oxford University, Dorothea Antzoulatos trained first as an accountant at Deloitte LLP and then as a barrister.  After spending time with ‘Magic Circle’ lawfirm, Linklaters LLP she co-founded Charles Lyndon.  Since co-founding Charles Lyndon Dorothea has helped over 50 clients (individuals and businesses) with their knotweed cases as a japanese knotweed solicitor.

Donna Dewberry

Donna is an experienced litigator and has spent almost a decade handling cases.   She is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Legal Executives and has been involved in a wide variety of cases, including high value matters, for both claimants and defendants.

Donna will specialise in claims involving non-native invasive species (including Japanese knotweed) and other general property damage cases.   She has found this a fascinating new area of law and is enjoying putting her litigation expertise into use in such a dynamic and developing field.

Since launching in August 2013 Japanese Knotweed Claims has helped hundreds of people (both claimants and defendants) with regard to their knotweed problems, ranging from encroachment from a neighbour, surveyors failing to notice the problem, solicitors using the wrong version of the sellers information questionnaire or sellers failing to disclose the issue.

Japanese Knotweed Claims will:

Claim costs

Claim for the cost of the treatment/eradication of JK and associated guarantee

Property value

Helps claim for any diminution of value the property has suffered as a result of Japanese knotweed

Recover losses

Helps recover any consequential losses caused by the presence of Japanese Knotweed

Being sued

Helps individuals faced with claims relating to Japanese knotweed. We will help in case you are being sued.

Sell property

Helps you sell your property / sort out problems related to Japanese Knotweed

Get a mortgage

Helps you secure a mortgage on your property

No win – no fee

Acts on a 'no win, no fee' basis thereby removing the financial risk for you

No stress

Takes the hassle and the stress out of the process