Japanese knotweed allegation | Being Sued About Japanese Knotweed?

Facing japanese knotweed allegation? Japanese Knotweed is a potential source of huge liabilities for home sellers, developers, property surveyors and conveyancing solicitors.

If you are facing a claim or involved in a dispute regarding Japanese Knotweed we can help. Japanese Knotweed Claims also undertakes  defendant work on behalf of people faced with claims relating to Japanese knotweed.

Our specialist solicitors who have extensive experience with japanese knotweed allegation have successfully acted for:

Home sellers

Accused of misrepresentation on the sellers information form about Japanese Knotweed


Who have been accused of allowing Japanese Knotweed to spread onto neighbouring land

Property surveyors

Accused of negligence if not identifying the presence of Japanese Knotweed


Who have been accused of negligently building properties on land contaminated by JK

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